Friday, December 5, 2008

Australian Reporter

Australian Reporter

On Monday (November 03, 2008) she was delivering her second or third hand report concerning an Iranian girl’s mistreatment by her own family to Sydney’s Nazi Shock Jock Jim Ball of radio 2UWe. 2UE used to be the number one radio station in Sydney. However, their star recruit, the alleged child molester Alan Jones went to 2 GB and now they managed to increase ratings of 2GB by inciting against Arabs and Muslims. To your amazement, 2UE is also following Alan Jones’s style.

However, Jim Ball is very good at concocting stories against Arabs and Muslims and Australian law sanctions prejudice and bigotry with open arms.

Would you believe the “reporter” in question is an abject failure! Her own husband abandoned her longtime ago and now she is a “coin and sperm collector”. Even her own so called father abandoned her own mother and she hates him too. But hang on, her own 20 years old daughter is a drug addict and full of miserable stories. Yet people like her got the audacity to give lecture to others based on three generations of failure, prejudice and bigotry because she must be superior than others!

Source: Magdi Alam

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mamubhi said...

She must be the real Australian Reporter.